The Bunaken National Park Entrance Fee for 2010 has not increased from last year and is fixed as follows: Rp 50,000 per daily ticket (approx.US$ 4.00) or Rp 150,000 (approx.US$ 12.00) for an annual entrance park tag.

The tag is valid for the whole year period ( 31st of December ), the proceeds of which are used to fund the patrols, conservation activities and improvement of standars in the park. Illegal fishing activities have almost stopped, people hired to clean the beaches and the construction of a long needed jetty in Bunaken village is in progress.

WWF, WNF and other NGO’s are also helping with funds and projects for coral rehabilitation.

Tags (or tickets) must be carried at all times the guests is within park boundaries. The tags can easily be affixed to guests’ diving or snorkeling gear or on backpacks. More information about Bunaken Entrance Fee