June, 18th 2022

Our guest Frans didn’t get a plastic bag, but a Pyrosome in front of his lens. A colony of millimeter-sized animals belonging to the genus Thaliacea and the class Tunicata.

Photo Credit (Pyrosome) : Frans Rattu


Pygmy Pontohi Seahorses (hippocampus pontohi)

Pygmy Pontohi Seahorses (hippocampus pontohi)

June, 18th 2022

Every morning and every evening, the two partners of the Pygmy Pontohi Seahorses (hippocampus pontohi) meet to serenade together. They dance around each other for just a few minutes before returning to their proper places. Less than 10 mm in size but love seems to be infinite.

Photo Credit (Pontohi Seahorse) : Barney Seier

Pygmy Pontohi Seahorses (hippocampus pontohi)2022-06-21T01:29:55+00:00

Blue Band Goby (valenciennea strigata)

The Blueband Goby (valenciennea strigata)

June, 16th 2022

The Blueband Goby (Valenciennea strigata) can reach a length of up to 18 cm and is strictly monogamous. The couples can usually be found together in the vicinity of their self-dug burrows, where they constantly take sand, hold it in their mouths and release it again through their gills. Small invertebrates and dead organic material (detritus) are eaten. It is striking that only one partner picks up sand at a time while the other watches over his partner and makes sure that no one attacks during the distraction.

Photo Credit (Goby) : Barney Seier

Blue Band Goby (valenciennea strigata)2022-06-21T00:16:51+00:00

Cuscus in Bangka

The Sulawesi Bear Cuscus spotted in our Resort at Bangka Island

June, 15th 2022

Yesterday we had a rare guest originally from Australia coming to our resort on Bangka. The Sulawesi Bear Cuscus (ailurops ursinus) is the westernmost occurring marsupial. It feeds exclusively on fruits, flowers and leaves and, like a sloth, loves to stay very comfortable in life. But you have to watch out closely to discover it in the high regions of a tree.

More info about our resort on Bangka Island : Bastianos Bangka Dive Resort

Photo Credit (cuscus) : Barney Seier

Cuscus in Bangka2022-06-21T00:19:13+00:00

Eastern Triangular Butterflyfish (chaetodon baronessa)

Eastern Triangular Butterflyfish (chaetodon baronessa)

June, 14th 2022

Despite its beauty, the Eastern Triangular Butterflyfish (chaetodon baronessa) is not a popular stock in coral aquariums. It loves to eat hard corals, here it pecks at the tips of the long tentacles of a Torch Coral (euphyllia glabrescens).

Photo Credit (Butterflyfish) : Barney Seier

Eastern Triangular Butterflyfish (chaetodon baronessa)2022-06-18T05:46:35+00:00

Bastianos Re-Opening Special


April, 20th 2022

You may enjoy our Re-Opening Special by book to us directly via Email or WhatsApp message to:

WhatsApp: +62811435176, +62811434666

Or you can contact our dedicated partner travel agents and tour operators at your country.

Terms & Conditions:

  • 10% discount apply to the new Rates 2022
  • Re-Opening Special can not be combine with other specials and valid for new bookings only
  • Discount applies to accommodation, fun diving, dive packages and dive courses
  • Discount applies to all resorts of Bastianos in Bunaken, Bangka and Lembeh
  • Discount applies to Bastianos Coral Triangle Dive Safari
  • Discount applies for staying period April to December 2022

Bastianos Re-Opening Special2022-06-18T05:28:42+00:00

Bastianos Lembeh has relocated to a new location at formerly Froggies Lembeh

BASTIANOS LEMBEH has relocated to a new location

March, 10th 2022

Dear Customers, Colleagues and Partners,

First of all, we would like to thank you for your support to us in the past few years before the pandemic. We hope everyone is able to go through these difficult times and rebuild/restructure with the confidence that can offer your clients a better holiday experience.

We are pleased to announce that BASTIANOS LEMBEH has relocated to a new location at (formerly) FROGGIES LEMBEH.

Owner of Bastianos Lembeh Mrs Candy Bastiaan and owner of Froggies Lembeh, Mr Mor Bastiaan has an agreement of working together in the diving business by merging both resorts at Lembeh Island to be BASTIANOS FROGGIES LEMBEH and hence we will provide all management for the newly located dive resort BASTIANOS FROGGIES LEMBEH.

This merger plan has been prepared since 2015 and is finally being realized at this time and with our great experiences many years in the diving industry, BASTIANOS FROGGIES LEMBEH will provide an enhanced dive experience – closer to all dive sites, new facilities, dedicated camera room, beautiful sunsets, and a shorter boat ride from/to mainland. Of course, all existing bookings of both resorts will keep going and we will handle your booking at the new location.


We have started building a new swimming pool at this new location in early March and the target for completion would be sometime around July, and a new dedicated camera room will start to build on June.

We feel optimistic this step ahead will bring our business cooperation to be better in the future and we look forward to hearing from you should you have any questions about this move as well as welcoming your guests in the coming months and years!

Bastianos Lembeh has relocated to a new location at formerly Froggies Lembeh2022-06-18T05:05:50+00:00