News Release : SilkAir Flight Situation

News Release : SilkAir flight situation

Bastianos News Release
Friday, 28 February 2020


As you might already know that SilkAir‘s flight to Manado from Singapore will be replaced to Singapore Airlines sister company Scoot Airline on the first week of May 2020. The handling of the transition made people not able to book air tickets from now until after the maiden flight of Scoot it self especially for the people who wants to visit Manado via Changi Airport Singapore. The plan is that Scoot will do the same schedule as what the SilkAir still doing until 1st week of May 2020.

However – there are some alternative routes that is still possible to book via Jakarta either with Garuda Airlines or through other domestic airlines as Citilink, Batik Air and Lion Air which flies daily from Jakarta to Manado.

If you are coming from Europe, the best connection at the moment by taking Garuda Airlines from Amsterdam which will stop over in Jakarta for approximately 2h 50m then continue with other Garuda route from Jakarta to Manado. will fly from Europe in almost same time as with Singapore Airlines connect with SilkAir. Garuda Airlines is also offering an extra 23kg for sport equipment which is excellent for divers who want to come to Manado for diving.


Garuda flies everyday from Amsterdam to Manado except tuesday and everyday from Manado back to Amsterdam except monday with 1 stop at Jakarta.

Flight Schedule from Amsterdam to Manado (everyday except tuesday), total journey 21h 25m
AMS – CGK = 12:05 – 08:10 (+1)
continue with
CGK – MDC = 11.00 – 15:30

Flight Schedule from Manado to Amsterdam (everyday except monday), total journey 21h 20m
MDC – CGK = 16:30 – 18:50
continue with
CGK – AMS = 21:45 – 07:50 (+1)

PS : Flight schedule is subject to change without prior notice


if you prefer to fly with middle-east airlines like Qatar Airways, Emirates or Etihad Airways; there is an excellent stopover hotel with free pick up/drop off at FM7 hotel or similar next to Jakarta airport with rooms only around from Rp 500,000 and we Bastianos can help you to book your stopover hotel in Jakarta or in Manado if you have to arrive in the evening or to book your domestic flights to be connecting with your international arrival and departure via Jakarta or if you want to go somehwere else in Indonesia before or after your visit to Manado.


Qatar flies daily from Frankfurt to Manado with 2 stops at Doha (DOH) and Jakarta (CGK)

Flight Schedule from Frankfurt to Manado (everyday), total journey 22h 35m
FRA – DOH = 10:55 – 17:55
continue with
DOH – CGK = 18:50 – 07:45 (+1)
continue with
CGK – MDC = 11:00 – 15:30, operated by Garuda Airlines

Flight Schedule from Manado to Frankfurt (everyday), total journey 27h
MDC – CGK = 16:30 – 18:50, operated by Garuda Airlines
continue with
CGK – DOH = 00:40 (+1) – 05:25
continue with
DOH – FRA = 07:55 – 13:30

PS : Flight schedule is subject to change without prior notice


When you are using Emirates or Etihad, the connection to domestic flights not as smooth as the journey with Qatar. With Emirates or Etihad, the domestic flight connection will make you have to stay overnight either in Jakarta Airport or in Manado City because you will be connected with the afternoon flight to Manado and this will makes you to be arrives in Manado in the evening and we wont be able to transfer you to the island in the evening (except if your first start is staying in Lembeh).

In this opportunity, we would like to inform you as well that we Bastianos is now able to arrange the purchase of your domestic flights, your domestic arrangement all over Indonesia including hotels in resorts in other cities of Indonesia with competitive rates, airport transfers if you are going elsewhere in Indonesia or your other journey beyond Manado and all over Indonesia through our sister company Manado Tour & Travel which is acting as a licensed travel agents to handle what we have mentioned already above like visiting Tana Toraja in South Sulawesi, to see Orang Utan in Borneo, explore Sundanese Islands Java-Bali-Lombok-Flores or to explore more about Papua beside your diving journey or your land tour excursion while you are staying with us in North Sulawesi from your Bastianos Resorts.

Please contact us for more information regarding flight situations, book your domestic flights with us, your arrangement trips for beyond Manado attractions.

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Update : January, 17th 2023


by Credit Card (Visa/MasterCard)
We do accept payment with Credit Cards (Visa/MasterCard) but please remember credit cards attract a 2,5% surcharge. We have to charge you in rupiah which your credit card company will then convert into the currency for your card.

by Cash
We accept cash in IDR, EUR, and USD

Mandatory Conditions for EURO Bank Notes
Please remember for bringing Euro Cash with the following conditions

  • We don’t accept ripped bank notes
  • We don’t accept coins

Mandatory Conditions for US Dollar Bank Notes
Please remember for bringing USD Cash with the following conditions

  • New notes
  • Unmarked
  • Unfolded
  • No pen marks
  • No stamps
  • 50/100 bank notes as major payments only. Lower notes will be charged differently due to different exchange rates applies at the money changer
  • We don’t accept coins
  • We don’t accept ripped bank notes
  • We don’t accept bank notes that are older than 2010
  • We don’t accept bank notes with number series begin with “J”


Excursion to Mantehage Island

Today our dive-team-supervisor Gio led a group of 12 Spanish divers on a day trip to Mantehage-Island! Three awesome dives, yummy food on the boat and of course a lot fun! 🙂




Excursion to Mantehage Island2016-11-22T19:43:46+00:00

Bangka Raffle at BOOT Duesseldorf 2016

Buy a ticket and win a dream vacation in North Sulawesi during BOOT 2016!

We would like to invite you to help an small island in North Sulawesi fight illegal mining by participate in this raffle to seek support from the tickets selling and make sure funds are available to replant mangroves along the coast and trees on land to prevent soil erosion. By buying the raffle tickets, you’ll help to save this small island.

Bastianos and several dive resorts from North Sulawesi have setup a great raffle during the show with some fantastic prizes. Tickets are available at the following booths during BOOT 2016 :

1. Murex Dive Resorts / Lembeh Resort (Halle 3 booth A16)
2. Roger Tours (Halle 3 booth F66)
3. ItsMySport (Halle 3 booth A31)
4. Sun & Fun (Halle 3 booth C70)
5. Aquaventure (Halle 3 booth B16)
6. Scuba native (Halle 3 booth E73)
7. Beluga Reisen (Halle 3 booth F93)
8. Absolute Scuba (Halle 3 booth F73)
9. Reisecenter Federsee (Halle 3 booth D36)

The drawing of the winning tickets will be done on 31 January 2016 at the Murex Dive Resort’s booth. Winners will be informed by email.


Bangka island is located in North Sulawesi, Indonesia between Bunaken Marine Park and Lembeh Strait and offers world class coral reef diving with some of Indonesia’s most colorful soft corals and reef fish. News of illegal mining activity on Bangka island first surfaced early October, 2011. This company bribed it’s way onto the island then bullied local people to sell their land. Several dive operators and local villagers banded together as volunteers to form the Bangka Conservation Fund and have dedicated themselves to stopping this potential mine.


We won. All construction on the island has stopped. THE ACTUAL MINE NEVER STARTED.


The Supreme Court in Jakarta ruled against the mine on three separate decisions.
North Sulawesi now has a new governor and the region where Bangka resides has a new mayor both pro-tourism development and pro-environment. However, the battle is not totally over. There is still a chance the foreign mine company will appeal and counter sue.


Bangka Conservation Fund

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Bunaken Entrance Fee

The Bunaken National Park Entrance Fee for 2010 has not increased from last year and is fixed as follows: Rp 50,000 per daily ticket (approx.US$ 4.00) or Rp 150,000 (approx.US$ 12.00) for an annual entrance park tag.

The tag is valid for the whole year period ( 31st of December ), the proceeds of which are used to fund the patrols, conservation activities and improvement of standars in the park. Illegal fishing activities have almost stopped, people hired to clean the beaches and the construction of a long needed jetty in Bunaken village is in progress.

WWF, WNF and other NGO’s are also helping with funds and projects for coral rehabilitation.

Tags (or tickets) must be carried at all times the guests is within park boundaries. The tags can easily be affixed to guests’ diving or snorkeling gear or on backpacks. More information about Bunaken Entrance Fee

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Nautica Treviso! They’re back!

They’re back. Nautica Treviso, group of divers from Italy (Treviso-City) bring another group this year. They were here in 2004. This year Ale & Patty bring 40 people including them and they are staying for about two weeks and some of them will continue their staying to Bastianos Lembeh.

This is the time for the crew to learn more italiano language…What a wonderful experienced to have them here AGAIN! Ale & Patty said there will be coming back with some divers AGAIN in 2009….Ciao

Nautica Treviso! They’re back!2007-08-30T05:22:31+00:00