What you have to be aware is that our resorts are located in remote islands and if you are traveling from overseas, an advance payment either by transfer or credit card is the most pleasant way for the major payment of your confirmed booking, because on the island there is no bank or ATM’s machine. Our credit card machines (we accept Visa/MasterCard) are with GPRS system and this also depends the connection of the telephone provider during credit card transaction. Sometimes the provider connection is become an issue upon check-out although most of the time was always successful however I am sure you don’t want meet problem to catch the boat transfer or the worse case is missing your flight only because you have to deal with your payment on your departure day.

Terms of Booking and Deposit for Persons
Terms of Booking and Deposit for GROUPS

Payment by Bank Transfer and Bank Account

Please ensure that Bastianos Dive Resort does not incur any charges in the transaction (most transfers involve at least one intermediary bank, sometimes two, which also apply charges – please enquire specifically with your bank if this is the case and which corresppondent banks they deal with). You will be responsible for all bank charges relating to your transfer (sending and receiving). We encourage you to talk with your bank directly about the best method of arranging your transfer to keep fees to a a minimum. Please write on your payment details : “Pay Full Amount”. We recommend you use your booking reference (on your itinerary and invoice) for the transfer reference.

Payment should be made according to invoice due date and have to be made in FULL Amount without any bank charges into the following account:

Payment by Credit Card

We do accept payment with Credit Cards (Visa/MasterCard) but please remember credit cards attract a 2.5% surcharge in Indonesia. We have to charge you in rupiah which your credit card company will then convert into the currency for your card.

Payment by Cash

Cash US Dollar

US$ cash notes need to be new print (2006 or newer) and totally unmarked, preferable unfolded. No pen marks, no stamps. Please be aware that the banks here unable to receive if the notes are not like what we just described above. Or if you insists to do payment with the notes that are not following the the above conditions, there is a surcharge of each note because the money changer will also giving us a lower exchange rate than the daily actual money changer rate. And we don’t accept coins.

Cash Rupiah

Definitely we accept cash rupiah for payment as this is our country currency 🙂

Cash Euro

We do accept Euro for payment. No special notes but we don’t accept coins.