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Bastianos Bunaken Dive Resort
Bastianos Bangka Dive Resort
Bastianos Froggies Lembeh Dive Resort

Bastianos Coral Triangle Dive Safari

Bastianos Divers is offering a fascinating adventure, diving and holidays. Explore more North Sulawesi best diving destinations, from the steep walls and world-class coral gardens of Bunaken Marine Park, Bangka archipelago – the epicenter of the Coral Triangle, which is synonymous with rocky pinnacles, strong currents, colorful soft corals and plentiful fish life, and Lembeh Strait – one of the best places in the world to dive for the ‘small stuff’ in the muck (dirt/mud)

We named it Bastianos Coral Triangle Dive Safari, where you can stay in 3 different islands, and diving at 3 different dive destinations, with 3 different excitement staying with us in 2 different places : Bunaken, Bangka and Lembeh.

This is truly dive safari in the center of the Pacific Coral Triangle reefs where you can dive them all in a single visit to Manado, and everything is arranged by us – under one company. Just one contact to us, and you can experience more Manado and the surrounding area.