Bastianos Bunaken Dive Resort

Bastianos Bunaken Dive Resort is situated at Bunaken Island, the heart of Bunaken National Marine Park. We are located in Liang Beach, the south part of the island. Our resort is having a great and stunning sunset view and we have the longest and finest sandy beach on Bunaken Island which is good for people traveling with family because the beach is good for children to play on.

The transfer from Manado Airport takes approximately 30 minutes by car from airport to the pier in Manado city, and there is another 60 minutes boat ride direct from the mainland to our resort on Bunaken Island.

The resort features seventeen Superior Beachfront Cottages with air conditioning, five Superior Hillside Cottages with air conditioning, and few Standard Hillside Cottages with fan.

Map to get Bastianos Bunaken

Superior Beachfront

There are 17 Superior Beachfront rooms with AC available and they are wooden accommodation with a private verandah and an en-suite bathroom consisting of a shower, with hot water and western-style toilet.

Standard Hillside

The Standard Rooms are all located at the hill-side with a selection of having an AC or just a fan. Every rooms have verandah with an ocean view and an en-suite bathroom consisting of a shower, with hot water and western-style toilet.

Resort Fact Sheet

  • 17 Superior Beachfront

  • 9 Standard Hillside

  • Restaurant for up to 60 people

  • Cozy Mini Bar at the Beach

  • Swimming Pool

  • Dive Center : Bastianos Divers

  • Marine Life Library

  • 24 hours electricity (220V) & security

  • FREE WiFi Hot Spot around lobby and restaurant area

  • Traditional Massage Service

Diving Around Bunaken

Bunaken Island is one of 5 islands that make up the Bunaken Marine Park. The seas around the islands are very deep, in some places more than 600m deep, and the islands are “pinnacles” that reach the surface. Think of them as a submerged mountain range!

The dive sites around Bunaken have dramatic drop-offs mixed with sloping areas and beautiful coral gardens at the tops of the reef. There is a huge variety of soft and hard corals that offer a home to an abundance of reef fish and critters.

There are lots of fusiliers, butterflyfish, sweetlips, cardinal fish and damsel fish everywhere. Lots of green and hawksbill turtles are seen swimming and sleeping on the reef walls. Bigger things like tuna, humphead parrotfish, wahoo, barracudas and reef sharks are often seen swimming past the reef. Hiding on the wall there are lots of smaller critters such as scorpion fish, shrimps, nudibranch, lionfish, and seahorses hidden on the walls.

Bunaken is a destination suitable for all level of divers but the steep wall going down to the abyss offers a great opportunity to dive deeper and it is better to be an advanced diver to fully enjoy the dive sites.

On the shallow part of the reef you will always find a superb and colorful coral garden around 4 meters deep and it is a great way to make your safety stop and get last underwater shots. These coral gardens are regarded as the best in the world making it a great playground for snorkelers too.

Bunaken Marine Park Dive Sites Map

Diving with Bastianos Divers

Bastianos Divers is a PADI Dive Center member (R-34063) since 2004.

The team of Bastianos Divers at Bunaken are professional staff with many years experienced diving in the area. We are proud that all of our dive guides are locals from Manado and surrounding area know the diving conditions very well.

Dive Center Fact Sheet

  • 2 Compressors run by electric powers

  • 4 modern built diving boats

  • A dedicated camera room for divers to keep and stored their underwater camera or housing, working table for assemble before and after dive, to be use as recharging station for digital compact cameras or sports cameras

  • Drying room for stored your wet equipment after our staff rinse them for you

  • 1st aid oxygene in every dive boats and one stored in our dive shop at the resort

  • Local dive guides and all of them have a natural behave as spotters underwater to show you some marine life that you would probably not aware of it

Daily Dive Schedule

08:00 am Morning dives, 2 dives ( 1 hour surface interval on
the boat between dives)
15:00 pm Afternoon dive, 1 dive
17:30 pm / 18:00 pm Mandarin dive / Night dive, 1 dive

Fun Dives House Rules & Safe Diving Practice

  • In Bunaken and Bangka, we offer a maximum 70 minutes dive time including safety stop or when your air supply reaches 50 bar, whichever comes first.
  • In Lembeh, due to the high demand of searching for the critters, we understand that longer bottom time is necessary. We offer longer dive but limited to your air consumption. 50 bar is your time limit.
  • For your own safety and as part of our safe diving practices, when your air supply reaches to 50 bars, you must do the recommended 3 minutes safety stop at 5 meters and end the dive.
  • Maximum depth for Open water diver is 18 meters.
  • Maximum depth for Advanced Open Water Diver or higher certification is 30 meters, exception for Deep Diver Specialty.
  • Decompression dive is strictly prohibited.
  • For your comfort underwater, our dive guide to divers ratio is 1: 4

Facilities & Service On Our Dive Boat

  • Oxygen First Aid
  • Fresh water for your camera
  • Coffee, tea and drinking water are provided on the diving boat at every dive.
  • Snacks and fruits are provided for morning dives, during your surface interval.
  • Towels will be provided to each diver. Your towel will be change every 3 days
  • Our boat crew will assemble your dive gear. However, it is your responsibility as a diver to make sure your equipment is working properly and you have all the equipment you need for the dive before the boat leaves the resort.
  • Our boat crew will take care of the rinsing of your equipment at the end of your dive.

Enriched Air (Nitrox) Dive

  • Every diver should analyze their own tank and set the percentage of oxygen on their dive computer and strictly follow the MOD.
  • We will require every diver to provide us with their Enriched air certification for diving with nitrox.


We are offering wide-range PADI Courses from beginners and to those who wants to upgrade their dive license .. > more


You will be lucky enough when you are seeing dolphins during your dives, but if you don’t see them, we could organize a dolphin trip for you


If your are non-divers, and do not want to sign up any scuba courses for beginners, you can join our divers’ boat for snorkeling. In Bunaken, you can see many things as the water is very clear with great visibility from surface.


When your are staying in Bunaken, there are some options to explore more Manado and the surrounding area. From Bunaken you can do a day tour to Minahasa Highland for sightseeing or even if you have sometime more, can do a volcano trekking.