DAN World has just launched FREE Student Medical Expense Coverage into the Asia-Pacific region, and as a Business Member we can offer this to our Open Water Diver course participant.
The program is subsidized by DAN so there is no charge to us or to our students, and we can offer this for anyone who booked dive courses with us.
What the Student Receives

The student will be covered for injuries sustained during their entry-level training. DAN World’s Student Medical Coverage helps ensure medical bills get paid — whether they’re from a broken foot due to a dropped tank, ear problems or more serious dive-related injuries.

• Provides up to $25,000 in coverage for medical expenses for injuries that may occur during training.
• Coverage is valid for up to 180 days after enrolment or upon completion of the last certifying dive, whichever comes first.
• Covers dive-related injuries that occur both in and out of the water.
• Covers entry-level scuba and breath-hold diving.

The registration process is quick and coverage is immediate. You will have access to all of DAN’s diver health and safety resources.
In order to register you to this free insurance program, we will need from you as follow
First Name :
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Last Name :
Date of Birth :
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