General Information


We require all divers to show us your certification card, and possibly your logbook. This is especially important if you were certified by an agency other than PADI.


Our resorts are located on an island, far from professional medical assistance. Although scuba diving is considered a very safe activity, risks exist and the outcome of a scuba diving accident greatly depends on the time until which you can receive professional treatment from a specialized doctor. The cost of such evacuation and treatment can be extremely high and we strongly recommend it be properly covered by scuba diving insurance. Many regular health insurances do not cover scuba diving accidents, so please check your policy before traveling. Most of our customers are already covered by insurance such as DAN (Divers Alert Network), Dive Assure, or Aquamed. Should you wish to sign up for DAN Short-Term Plan, you can purchase this at our resort by the time you arrive at the resort before you start your diving.


Once you arrive at Bastianos, we will require all divers to fill up the PADI Diver Medical Form. Please, make sure that you read it before you come because if you have to answer a yes to ANY of the questions on the first page, we will require a medical certificate signed by a doctor in order to let you dive.


Our first priority below water is your safety and comfort. If your total number of dives is below 30 and you have not been diving for more than a year, we highly recommend that you participate in Scuba Review / Refresher with our Instructor (but this is not mandatory).


  • In Bunaken and Bangka, we offer a maximum 70 minutes dive time including safety stop or when your air supply reaches 50 bar, whichever comes first.
  • In Lembeh, due to the high demand of searching for the critters, we understand that longer bottom time is necessary. We offer longer dive but limited to your air consumption. 50 bar is your time limit.
  • For your own safety and as part of our safe diving practices, when your air supply reaches to 50 bars, you must do the recommended 3 minutes safety stop at 5 meters and end the dive.
  • Maximum depth for Open water diver is 18 meters.
  • Maximum depth for Advanced Open Water Diver or higher certification is 30 meters, exception for Deep Diver Specialty.
  • Decompression dive is strictly prohibited.
  • For your comfort underwater, our dive guide to divers ratio is 1: 4.


Normal check-in time in our resort is at 14.00 and if you arrive before 13.00, lunch is included. If your room is available, there is usually no problem to welcome you earlier, without any surcharge (subject to availability).


Please be noted that our checkout time is at 12.00. If you wish to leave later, it is possible free of charge but we may ask you to free your room for our next guests and an extra lunch can be purchased for EUR 10 per person.


Sustainability is a responsible use of environmental resources in the present, which results in a healthy planet and longer life for all inhabitants. Bastianos Dive Resorts are trying to be a sustainable as we can to protect our environment – The ocean and the marine life. Go green with us and be a participant of sustainability!
Reduce or Refuse : is the keyword to stop the plastic population. As we are trying to avoid plastic as much as we can, we try to make it as easy as possible for our guests to reduce their consumption of plastic during their stay. Of course you are here to relax and enjoy the beautiful environment. We would be very thankful if you save water and don’t waste electricity if it’s not needed during stay.
Reuse : We are trying to implement reusable products where ever we can. Therefore we ask you to use our water refill station and the destined aluminium  bottles instead of plastic bottles or drink your cocktail with a reusable bamboo straw.
Recycle : With our Waste separation we’re trying to help the recycling and sustainability of the Island and the region as a whole. Help us to protect our beautiful environment underwater and above.