Decompresion Chamber in Manado

In Manado there is a professionally run decompression chamber in Manado, and it is under the management of Hyperbaric Health, Australia (HHA). It is located in Manado General Hospital Prof. Kandou and there is hyperbaric doctor in charge assisted by few hyperbaric nurses who also act as the chamber operators.

They keep it regularly maintained and serviced, and they send the doctors and assistants to Australia for (re)training. To pay for this, HHA have set the chamber fees quite high:

  • Chamber Treatment Table 6 (5 hours) US$4,000.
  • Chamber Treatment Table 5 (2 hours) US$2,400.
  • Any extensions are at USD $800 per extension.
  • + All cases attract a doctor’s fee of USD $500 per case.

If you already have dive insurance, these chamber costs will be met by your insurance company. However, if you do not already have dive insurance, you will have to pay the above fees yourself, and a credit card will be needed to guarantee payment before any treatment is provided.

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